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How To Avoid The Collapse of The Insurance Agent

The Internet has become a violent and swift killer.  Entire industries and professions once thought to be untouchable have crumbled and fallen.  We are now witnessing the collapse of the insurance agent

…it’s happening all around us.   Seminars have stopped working. Now, online events and webinars have replaced them.

Yellow pages and newspapers are out. Now it’s email marketing and banner advertising.

There is a way however, to not only survive, but to thrive by using the Internet to grow your business according to authors, Ethan Kap and Brett Kitchen.

  • How to get leads and appointments using the internet.
    *The 5 steps to building a 'money machine' that educates and motivates prospects to buy from you…and only you.
  • Get leads calling you each week using an automated follow up system.
  • How to create massive leverage by selling in multiples using live online events.
  • Destroy geographic boundaries and sell to prospects all across the country.
  • Real usable strategies to avoid having your internet marketing system killed by compliance.
  • The nuts and bolts of doing everything from writing your first email, to creating blogs, landing pages, and videos.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT skill of all…how to drive traffic into your system once you've built it.

(Brett and Ethan are using the exact formula in the book.  They get hundreds of requests a month for appointments from their online conversion sequence).

The Internet has fundamentally changed consumer behavior forever.  If you want to succeed in business you have to make the Internet a big part of your business.

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